Imagine a Hassle Free Aquarium! At Central Penn Aquariums, we understand how busy schedules can be in today's fast-paced society, and that's why we extend to all our customers the option to have regular maintenance and service visits for their aquarium. Properly maintaining an aquarium can be a daunting task, even to the seasoned aquarium hobbyist. We want you to experience all the joy and wonder that comes with aquarium ownership without having to worry about whether the filters need to be changed or if the water chemistry is in correct balance. Let Central Penn Aquariums worry about that for you. Our custom tailored maintenance packages are designed to suit the needs of any budget, and to ensure that your aquarium remains as healthy and beautiful as the day it was installed.


Our maintenance packages range from weekly service to bi-monthly service, depending on both the requirements of the aquarium system, and the needs/wants of the customer. Packages can be priced dependent on aquarium size and service frequency, or customers can chose to pay a flat hourly rate for service. All maintenance packages include partial water changes, algae removal, gravel/substrate cleaning, filter and equipment maintenance, addition of fish medications and plant fertilizers, inspections of fish health, and addition of purchased fish. Other professional aquarium services provided by Central Penn Aquariums include emergency visits, aquarium transport and relocation, aquarium dismantling, and aquarium re-designing.